Frequently Asked Gutter Questions

Does my home need gutters?

  • Rain gutters perform an important function of draining hundreds of gallons of water off the roof and away from the foundation of your house. Since gutters catch rain right off the roof they prevent the rain runoff from splashing against your windows and siding. In addition rain gutters help prevent water damage that sometimes seeps into your home, causing ceiling and wall damage.

How much will do gutters cost?

  • Pricing varies determined by difficulty of installation e.g. pitch of roof, ground conditions surrounding the home, and if the home has more than one story. The best and most accurate quote will be one done at your home with one of our skilled estimators.

What is gutter flashing/drip edge and do I need it?

  • Flashing is a steel or aluminum strip of metal that is folded over the top of the inside rain gutter. The benefits of flashing are added protection against water damage and dry rot. Flashing will also give our installers the ability to control water flow and prevent standing water in the rain gutters.

If I have leaf guards installed, do I still have to clean my roof and how often?

  • Roofs needed to be cleaned if you have standing debris. We recommend blowing off your roof twice a year or as needed to keep the roof clean. The leaf guards will need to be maintained with a yearly cleaning or blowing to remove the dirt and debris from the screen.

How often do I need to clean my rain gutters?

  • Gutters should be cleaned as often as needed. Most of our customers have their rain gutters cleaned three to four times per year. The frequency of cleaning depends on the surroundings of their homes.

What will All About Gutters and Awnings clean?

  • We clean all debris from rain gutters and downspouts and off all accessible roof areas. Also, we will identify problem areas and suggest corrective action.

Does my home need leaf guards for gutter protection?

  • Leaf guards are designed to lower home maintenance and keep water flowing through your rain gutters and downspouts. They help prevent overflowing gutters that will lead to dry rot and lengthen the life of your gutters. Installation of leaf guards will not keep debris off your roof. Depending on the amount of debris that falls onto your roof you will still need to sweep or blow off your roof and leaf guards from time to time. All About Gutters and Awnings offers two types of leaf guard gutter protection, Gutterglove®, and All About Gutters and Awnings Gutter Screens.

Will All About Gutters and Awnings gutter protection products fit over my existing gutters?

  • In most cases Gutterglove® and All About Gutters and Awnings Gutter Screens will fit onto existing rain gutters. Your estimator will help you to determine what product will fit your home at the time of the estimate.

What methods of payment does All About Gutters and Awnings accept?

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, and personal checks and cash.